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Updated 2/01/10

Welcome to the antenna site of G0KSC.

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The intent and focus of this site is to help the home brew ham build simple, easy to construct antennas and where possible, present a solution that is ideal for radiating RF rather than ideal for the post man to deliver. More on that subject within 'Ideal Mechanical Construction'.

Primarily, Yagi designs are covered that include my favourite bands, 10, 6, 4 2 metres and 70cms. Designs and construction information are also available with limited coverage (at this stage) of the lower HF bands.



One of the reasons I moved to design my own antennas was not being able to find something that fitted my requirements. If you have something in the way of a Yagi antenna that you just can't find a design for, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Here is a note I received from 2E0BTK after he received his design from me, he built the antenna himself. He wanted a 5 el 144Mhz crossed Yagi which would fit upon a 1.2 metre boom. This is very short for a 5el and a compromise in Front to back and forward gain would be seen. However, I took time in order to maximise the design for the best that could be achieved from those parameters.


'Hi Justin
Initial on air tests with the crossed 2M antenna have been very good. SWR of 1.2:1 or less across the band. I have used repeaters as far away as 90Km,
repeaters that I have not even heard using a co-linear. I have not had much opportunity to try ssb dx, but local contacts, within 60Km have given very positive reports.
Mike 2E0BTK '

Read more about what users of G0KSC antennas say on the 'What you say' page in the links menu.




73 Justin G0KSC