Dual Band Quads

Some of my articles published in DUBUS magazine (www.dubus.org) are presented here but in part. If you would like to read the full article list, please subscribe to DUBUS magazine!


  • Reflector Impedance Control within Yagis PART1 PART2
  • Enhancing the stacked Yagi with the Addition of Z Axis Parasitic Elements HERE
  • High Performance Wide-Band 'Self-matched' Yagi antennas - with a focus on pattern symmetry HERE
  • Mastering the X-Pol - establishing 'best practise' when stacking multiple crossed-polarised Yagis HERE
  • Achieving pattern Symmetry within stacked Yagi Arrays with off-set feed points HERE
  • Development and Real World Replication of Modern Yagi antennas - Manual Optimisation of Multiple Yagi Arrays HERE
  • Optimised Reflector arrays for Enhanced Performance in Yagi antennas - HERE


Many thanks to DUBUS magazine for permission to republish