What is an LFA low-noise Yagi


There is much talk in the amamteur radio community about the new LFA Yagi and still much more work to be done in honing the antenna for absolute best performance. However, one thing is quite clear already, the LFA will be widely used within EME stations the World over. 

Keep an eye on DUBUS Magazine as I will be discussing the EME and low-noise characteristics of the LFA in detail and providing example stacks which knock everything else for six! Take this 18el 6.37WL 144MHz LFA above. With 18.2dBi forward gain and nearly 40dB Front to Rear suppression, there is no other antenna in existance (VE7BQH list) with a lower sky temperature than this one. In fact, any of the models I am currently testing do not have any competition with any like-for-like (element numbers/boom length) antenna array in the list.

Ever seen a pattern like this? Do you want to own such an antenna or build an array? Make sure you are browsing the pages of DUBUS over the coming months!


Justin G0KSC