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Over the last few days I have received several photos of antennas built recently from hams all over the World. Below are a few of the photos sent with the comments of those having built them. It looks like we are keeping ourselves busy for the coming summer season!!


PA0VAJ built his SC6-4-6D Dual


EI7BA built and installed the 8 element 144MHz LFA this week using a new method to mount the elements; Electric fence clips! John's antenna looks super professional on the mast yet costs were kept small by use of the 'cheap' element support clips.

The 8 element 2M LFA at EI7BA

John had these


G0VHF/P today installed 2 x 7 element LFA Yagis in preparation for the RSGB 4M contest on Sunday 4th April. These antennas are an unpublished design which uses 1/2 inch elements throughout and was specially designed for G8HVY as a 2x stack. Named 4C7HVY, these Yagis produce over 13.3dBi each and


So far 2 more stations this week have completed their LFA Yagis and seem very happy too! 9Y4VU completed this 7el LFA2 (bent reflector for increased F/B) and OE4VIE finishes his 6el LFA ready for the E season!

The 7el LFA2 for 6m at 9Y4VU

Frank 9Y4VU reports of his LFA:

'Anyway The antenna is


The G0KSC 10/6 Dual band Yagis coming to a store near you!

G0KSC and G8FJG build the first of the next generation 10/6 dual band, interlaced Yagis.The above antenna installed on the tower at G8FJG below a 9el 2M LFA and a 22el 70cms LFA.

With the sun starting to bubble and crack, I am sure these


'Ham Work Shop' to be fronted by G0KSC

The editors of antenneX, the popular on-line Ham antenna magazine have asked G0KSC to front the Ham Work Shop section each month. Many projects and basic levels of theory are going to be discussed and explored with useful information being shared each month for the


ZS5LA builds the first (known) LFA Plus2 Yagi

ZS5LA finished and installed his 10 element Plus2 LFA Yagi on Saturday 6th January 2009 making this the first confirmed LFA Plus2 built. However, not far behind him is John ZS6JON who has almost completed 2 of the same antennas which will be on-air


The new Tripple Reflector LFA Yagi - Best ever G/T per W/L, Period!

I have been spending much of my spare time over the last few months developing a new series of LFA yagis for VHF. Others for UHF will follow in due course. The objective from the outset was to produce something which would not


Ron, G8FJG proves the LFA low noise characteristic by building one and comparing with his existing DK7ZB 70cms Yagi.

Ron built a DK7ZB 16el 70cms Yagi some time back and was very pleased with the results. However, after reading the LFA story within DUBUS magazine, Ron decided to build a 70cms LFA.


The Worlds first 70cms LFA Yagi built and tested - Featured in DUBUS 4

The G0KSC SC19-70FJG  19 element Yagi for 70cms is now built and tested and what an antenna it is. 

Many of my desgins now are bespoke designs at the request of amateurs and this one is no exception. G8FJG (who already uses a 9


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