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LZ2US installs a huge G0KSC OWL array for the 144MHz band. With the class-leading sky tewmperature and G/T figures, this super-large X-pol array is sure to pack a punch!

Marko asked me to model this array for his specific needs which I will always do but do keep in mind, I have many requests like


Zvonko Magic, 9A2AE (9A2L contest station) installed 16 x 11el 144MHz LFA Yagis that were supplied by InnovAntennas. This amazing array is pictured below:

The mass move from traditional style Yagis to the direct 50Ohm version by G0KSC continues but this one has to be one of the biggest so far!


Dick, K5AND installs 2 x 9el 144MHz LFA Yagis at 95'. Here is his report so far:

Hi Justin....

Got them up; pics attached.
There is no vswr (5w reflected with 1200 forward).

Been testing them during our vhf contest with good results so far.

Thanks for your help and encouragement!




Hello Justin, how are you ?

I wish to send you some picture of nice 11 EL LFA and a screenshot of VNA with Return Loss - SWR and Smith chart...

The RL is well down to 36 dB @ 144300. Sometimes was 37 dB.

The antenna was at 7/8 meter on the ground, with little choke of H200 low loss cable.

Please Justin, my


Where you one of the lucky Europeans or Middle East stations that worked W7EW on 29th June? Lew managed to stack up an incredible 105 QSO's in the afternoon long opening providing many stations with 'a new one' on 6m. Below is the reason why!!


This impressive array consists of 6 x 7el WOS LFA


Larry contacted me a whe ago about building an antenna for 6m that works! Having to have a multiband antenna of any kind means compromise but for 6m he wanted a serious tool for the job! He decided on the 6.8m long 6el LFA Yagi and here are the results:

The 6el 6.8m long 50MHz LFA at VY0HL

Justin, There

Klaus, DL3YEE sent me today this mail about his new antenna:

Hi Justin,

here some Pictures from my Test about a 4+4ele 6m/4m Antenna before they on the Roof.
If weather good, so the System come next week on the roof.

The antenna on test


The antenna SWR at 50MHz



The SWR at 70MHz


Klaus chose the


DK1MAX installs 2 x 6el 5.8m long 50MHz LFA2 Yagis which are labelled 'LFA-MAX'

by InnovAntennas

Max had these words to say aboout his new array:

'Awesome front to rear ratio, gain seems to be in the same class as the 6M11JKV and SWR is VERY low, below 1.2: from 50.0 - 50.6MHz. The pattern is


ZS6NK installs a much shorter 8el 50MHz LFA Yagi along side his 16m long 11el M2 for comparison tests



I met Paul at the G3WOS 50MHz BBQ last year and already Paul was contemplating changing to LFA Yagis but for his own piece of mind, he wanted to do some comparison tests and has the means to do


Some months ago, Bent OZ1CT asked me for a X-pol LFA (two LFA Yagis, one in the vertical plane, one in the horizontal plane on the same boom). Whenever I have received such requests I have been reluctant to work on them due to the many complexities involved in not just getting the model working


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