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This September (2014) G0KSC released a new set of 144MHz OWL Yagi designs which have proven to set new standards in G/T performance. Is this as good as it gets or does G/T measurement miss parameters for use in the real world?

4 x 9el OWL-G/T installed at K7BV for EME purposes on 144MHz. The


What makes a good Yagi great?

2 of 4 x 30 element Crossed LFA Yagis installed on the science block of the Princeton University NJ, USA (W2PU)

There is so much conflicting information on the Internet these days with regard to antennas, I thought I'd layout a few pointers here to what makes a good


There are quite a number of 'new design' Yagis out there to self-build that claim to be great but how good are they?

The easiest way to establish what you should build is looks at those serious hams, those that are investing thousands of Euros/Dollars/Pounds into their multi-Yagi systems. These


You read all sorts of stuff around the Internet these days since the LFA made such an impact on Yagi design.On one site you will read 'you don't need fancy loops to make a Yagi'. Well that is right, you don't if you want the same old performance that has been around for decades. The same author


So you want the best ha? Look no further...

Hi Justin,

Just to let you know that the 4 x 7lfas are still working!

Lance TX5K is onJ he was a fb signal this morning peaking -17 in 3kHz and clearly audible in the speaker – no need for call3 deep search or any of the other devices that the nay-sayers



HL5OC approached G0KSC several months ago and asked for assistance with building 4 x 11el 144MHz LFA Yagis. After some consultation, Chung asked G0KSC to send the materials needed to build 4 x 11el 144MHz LFA and the photo below shows the result!

The 144MHz EME Array of Chung, HL5OC

I am sorry to report the modification and new design requests are taking quite some time right now.

I promise I will get to each and every one but you need to hang in there. Much of my time is taken up with InnovAntennas right now and what little spare time I have available, I use for the odd


Merry Christmas to you all!

6 x 7el 50MHz (WOS) LFA Yagis at W7EW

Why not like us on Facebook? G0KSC is at 'G0kscAntennas' InnovAntennas is simply 'InnovAntennas' daily updates and new designs on both sites.

See you there, very soon I hope!

Happy Holidays to you all

Justin G0KSC



TH6 - LFA 6 comparison on Youtube:


Hi Justin, trust your well.

Just finished the ARRL 10m contest at our club VK2GGC. Well, what I say.

1. We made over 1200 contacts. Not bad for a half dead band.

2. We did South Africa - long


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